Say Goodbye to your outdated Christmas Lights and say 'Hello' to Smartly™ Smart LED Christmas Lights

Smartly™- Smart Xmas Led Lights



 Fully Controlled From Your Phone

Fast And Easy Set Up

Draw And Customize Any Pattern

Synchronize With Music

Features : 

NO SET UP REQUIRED - Smartly ™come preassembled and workable straight out of the box, ready to use right away!

FLEXIBLE - Easily bends into any shape to fit into any area with our flexible crystal clear PVC thermoplastic tubing.

DURABLE - Made to stand severe weather outdoors and indoors (we know kids can be destructive sometimes).

SAFE TO USE - Cool to touch when lit so no one gets hurt no matter what. Safety is our priority.

ENERGY SAVING - Energy efficient with low power consumption and extra long lifespan

Benefits :

  • MULTICOLOR LIGHT EFFECTS: Create custom color changing light displays with the Smartly ™app controlled LED lights with more than 16 million colors – ideal decorative indoor and outdoor light accessories for Christmas decorations and parties.

  • APP CONTROLLED: Use the App for iOS and Android to map the light strings, and create custom lighting displays. The multicolored smart lights instantly connect to Bluetooth or WiFi networks.

  • SMART LIGHTS WITH MUSIC SYNC: Smartly ™LED light strings are IOT ready! Sync your light decorations with your smart home for easy use. With the music sensor, you can sync Christmas lights with your favorite tunes.

  • CUSTOM DISPLAY & GROUP FEATURE: Download pre-loaded lighting effects or draw your own light display designs. Multiple string lights can be grouped in the app to perform as one extended decorative light.

  • FAST AND EASY SETUP - The brand controller is more powerful than ever and it comes with the timer, on/off function and brightness level control. Connect instantly via Bluetooth and pair smart lights to your Wi-Fi network. The step-by-step guide helps you set-up and configure Smartly ™with ease!

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Smartly™- Smart Xmas Led Lights 16ft (5m-50 lights)



Smartly™- Smart Xmas Led Lights - 33ft (10m - 100 lights)
Smartly™- Smart Xmas Led Lights - 66ft (20m - 200 lights)

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If I'm connected to a Bluetooth speaker, can I still connect the lights to my music and sync the rythm?

Yes , of course . you can synchronize music with  lights , you have access to 29 display modes (Dynamic and static) .

How much does it take to get the Smartly lights ?

We ship worldwide , it takes between 5 to 12 days to receive the product 

What's the app used to control the lights remotely ?

In order to control the smartly lights , you should download the app "LED BLE" , it's available for android and IOS

How can I connect the lights with the app ?

The process is very easy , you just scan the QR code (included in the package) with your phone camera , the app "LED BLE" will detect the lights automatically and you can start animating your christmas tree

Can i use the Smartly lights outdoor ?

The smartly lights are conveniant for any type of decoration not just for christmas trees , you can use it outdoor and indoor for any type of objects .